Here's the first post in #weddingtipwednesday!!

There are all sorts of things that brides have to figure out sooner or later - why not hear it from your wedding photographer??

Weddings are insane, crazy, busy days and literally anything can happen. I've seen grooms rip their pants, brides with dresses that don't stay up, and terrible wedding day headaches from a hangover from the rehearsal dinner. Maybe it’s a bridesmaid dress strap popping or your hair not staying in place or makeup getting messed up by your mom’s kisses.

I'm the number one fan of better safe than sorry, so I built out this list for your wedding day emergency kit. I recommend making this emergency kit a few weeks in advance so that it’s ready to go for your wedding day and not left until the last minute. If you aren't getting married for awhile, save this list for later.

  • stain removal (‘Tide To-Go’ pens are awesome)
  • tampons
  • DRESS TAPE (the double sided sticky kind)
  • mini sewing kit with white, black, grey, and navy blue thread
  • hairspray
  • A crochet hook (if your dress has buttons!)
  • small scissors for stray threads and tags
  • safety pins
  • bobby pins
  • A few paper towels and tissues
  • a snack (let's denormalize not eating on your wedding day, k thanks)
  • band-aids
  • deodorant
  • makeup remover
  • Advil or Tylenol
  • body glide (your thighs will thank me)

And anything else you want to have! These are the staples for the most part and will cover most of the emergencies that typically happen on your wedding day. I know how to tape boobs, sew torn veils, fake-hem dress pants, fix falling hair, and get that champagne stain out of your train, so if you've got these stashed somewhere, I've got you covered!! All in the day's work of a professional wedding photographer!!!