Harrison & Molly are a dream.

This was one of those sessions that makes me so dang excited to do what I do. I went to school at the University of Georgia, so the Founder's Garden holds a special place in my heart. Getting to come back and photograph one of my favorite couples there made it even better truly.

Harrison & Molly, for starters, were down for pretty much anything I asked them to do. This honestly can make or break a session! When you trust your photographer and relax, the best photos and moments happen!! You wouldn't know it from the photos, but there was also a wedding and a proposal happening in the garden at the same time. It was popping on campus! I had to improvise a little and I think the result turned out pretty great.

Couple walking in UGA Founders Garden

Molly looked stunning in this red dress and tbh, I'm a sucker for red in photoshoots. If you feel beautiful and confident in what you're wearing, it really shows through on camera.

They brought their pup Arlo with them, which was a blast. It's not often that I get to meet people's fur babies during a session. Arlo was a ham for the camera, and with good reason - he's gorgeous. Molly and Harrison brought along a pair of friends to hold him for the rest of the session. This is what I typically recommend to anyone who wants their pup to come along for photos. An extra pair of hands can hold the doggo while we do other photos, ensuring that all hands are free and attentions are focused on the session.

fur baby with parents in UGA Garden
people with rescue pup at university of georgia
dog smiling at camera

Molly and Harrison practiced their first dance during our time together. They both claimed that they'd never danced together before - which I couldn't believe because they looked so natural while they danced! I think this is a fun thing to incorporate into sessions, since it can be a low pressure, fun way to practice for the big day while no one besides me is watching. I also used to dance ballroom and taught a few classes back in the day, so I can offer a few pointers to my couples as a bonus. ;)

couple dancing in founders garden UGA

One other fun part from this session was the champagne. I'm a big fan of popping bubbly for photos. The sun illuminates the champagne spray beautifully and the looks of surprise and excitement are hard to beat. Plus, it's a fun way to celebrate being engaged, which is often a stressful time for couples bogged down in wedding planning. There's no time like engagement and I think it's important to take time to celebrate that. You'll be married forever, but never engaged (hopefully) again!

popping champagne
couple celebrating engagement in athens georgia
engagement photos in athens georgia

Okay, enough of me talking. The rest of these photos are beautiful - see for yourself! Can't wait for April and their Washington, GA wedding to get here.