When I was growing up, my family had a game closet - our stash of hundreds of board games shoved into a teetering pile in a very full closet.

For some reason, that was also the place my mom kept all of our photo albums and printed photos. There was many a time that I got in trouble for pulling out the photo buckets and leaving albums and prints scattered in the hallway. But I just loved flipping through the albums, looking at photos of my parents before they had kids, of our grandparents on their wedding day, and of us as young kids. I was captivated by these memories that were frozen in time. 

Even today, I’m still a huge fan of prints. To me, nothing is better than holding a photo in your hand or putting it in a frame on the wall. Our house is littered with prints, and I have boxes in my closet full of photos I love. I’ve accidentally erased enough photos off my computer or phone enough times to know that it’s important to print the photos that matter to me. 

This is one of the reasons I decided to start offering albums this month for my clients. When I got married, my wedding photographer (the fabulous Gabbie Burseth) didn’t offer albums at the time in her packages and I honestly couldn’t find any online companies available to the public that would actually do a good job with an album. Certain well-known online print stores are notorious for messing up color, crops, and quality in general, and I wanted something that would last. As a professional, I have access to the best labs and can offer my clients the high quality stuff - albums that I would choose for my own special moments.

Layflat pages

The 8x8 size

Currently I’m offering 8x8 or 10x10 albums, which are sized perfectly for the coffee table - because your photos deserve to be seen, not shoved into a closet! They're heirloom quality too, with an archival value of 100 years in home display and 200 years in dark storage.

The albums are handcrafted with genuine leather covers with a wide variety of colors to choose from. The covers can be debossed (indented and engraved) with text in gold, silver, or copper to personalize it. 

the debossing adds a personalized touch to your album cover

Each album had 10 spreads, which is 20 pages, and can hold 45-60 images. If you want more spreads in yours, we can totally do that - it's easy to customize the album to fit your needs.

I personally design the layout of each page from the images you select, to ensure the best quality and layout. I love the storytelling aspect that album design gives me! It allows me to pick the best images, and ensure that flipping through the pages will let you relive every sweet moment like it was yesterday. 

Personally, I've never heard anyone regret ordering an album - I've only heard regrets about not ordering them. And truly, I fall into that category myself. Currently, I'm planning on ordering one as a gift for my husband for Christmas (he doesn't typically read my blog posts so sssh) because I love the quality and I want something to pass down to my kids and grandkids! Nothing beats holding it in your hands and flipping through your photos in a tangible way. Also, I'm scared of accidentally deleting our photos.

If you're interested in ordering one or want to inquire about pricing, send me an email. If I'm photographing your wedding and you don't have an album in your package, consider adding it!! You won't beat the quality for the price, I promise.