Fall Senior Sessions are the way to go.

I absolutely LOVE senior sessions - and it's not super often that I get to do one with a senior I've known since she was 7!! Watching her grow up into an incredibly kind and joyful young woman through the years has been a privilege.

Faith reached out to me in October asking if I could shoot her senior photos and my immediate response was "OHMYGOSH YES PLEASE"! Fall is one of my favorite settings for senior photos because of the gorgeous warm tones and perfect weather.

Faith said she wanted her session vibe to be "barefoot in a field of flowers" and immediately Kennesaw Mountain jumped into my mind. The battlefields there are open and trees are abundant, and the last time I was there I had seen some wildflowers in one of the fields, so we met up there. Sure enough, fall colors were in full swing!

It's been such a rainy fall here, so I was super glad that the sun decided to come out for her session. Faith decided to forego shoes for our time together and was down to do whatever crazy thing I asked her. I love when clients trust me enough to let me work some creative magic. I never make someone do something they don't want to do, but I will push you a little out of your comfort zone if I see an opportunity for some magic.

Despite the fact that they had recently mowed all the fields, we were able to find some grassy, "fun weeds" spots. I totally forgot that I was allergic to areas like this - nothing can distract me while I'm in the work zone tbh - so I did suffer a few consequences after we were done, but with photos like these I think it was worth it!