Oh Cat and David. Two lovely humans who fell in love. I had the absolute joy of knowing Cat back in college when we shared a few photojournalism classes at UGA for a few semesters. She was a fun firecracker then and hasn't changed much since!

Catherine & David's story began freshman year at the University of Georgia in Athens. David claims they met at a dining hall, but she swears it was on spring break at the beach. David said "Anyone who comes across Catherine feels her presence, love, and personality immediately. In my case freshman year, though, it may have had something to do with her hair that she’d dyed blue in her dorm room because she thought it’d be “funny.” They remained friends, even though Catherine was David's go-to date for almost all his fraternity date night events. After graduation, when they moved to different parts of the county, David came to terms with his feelings for Catherine and they started dating when she came into town for the SEC championship. Over the next two years, they fell more and more in love, realizing that they never wanted to be without the other again. Cat said, "I fell in love with David far before we started dating. I fell in love with our friendship, and how he cares for the people around him. I fell in love with his steadfast faith and his ability to hold people accountable in the most loving ways. After we started dating, I fell in love with how he pursued me and made me feel so loved all the time. I fell in love with the way he’s my shoulder to cry on and even though he isn’t actually funny- I fell in love with how I felt with him by my side. " *Cue the tears* David proposed near the UGA Arch to a very surprised and joyful Cat (who never actually said yes and just cried).

The Founder's Memorial Garden was absolutely gorgeous this summer and these two lovebirds absolutely crushed their engagement session. I swear the photos basically took themselves. It's funny because they were both kind of nervous to be in front of the camera but you truly can't tell in the photos. To anyone who's nervous about their engagement session or getting photos, I PROMISE you look amazing, and you need to just trust a professional to do what they do best!

I can't wait to capture their January wedding at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens! Check out how cute they are together: