The Spring 2021 Mini Sessions are here...

I am super pumped for these sessions!! As you probably know, I love working with people in beautiful places and these minis are in two of my favorite locations. I'm sure you have a few questions, so let's dig in!

three kids at Arabia Mountain

So, what exactly is a mini session?

Glad you asked. As the name implies, it is a portrait session, just, well, mini 🙂 There are, of course, other key differences between a mini and one of my other portrait sessions, please read on below.


Probably the most obvious difference, each mini session lasts up to 15 minutes and is photographed all at one spot/background. It's quick, painless, and short enough to be over before anyone gets grumpy.


The location will be one of the two predetermined by me and you’ll sign up for an available time slot.


Seems like a no brainer, but it is worth mentioning that with a shorter session, there will be less images to select from than a normal session. For the Spring 2021 minis, you will pick 10 digital images from your gallery to keep. You can buy prints of any image you like, however, not just the 10 digitals you select.


Image viewing and ordering will be done online through a personal web gallery where you will have the option to select your 10 digital downloads and order your prints through your attached print store.


Since the session is shorter, the fee is smaller! This spring, the session fee depends on which location you choose.


There really are a lot of reasons that a mini session might be a good fit for you, as opposed to a full portrait session. Below are just a few of the possible scenarios.

  1. You’ve recently had family photos or headshots taken and just need a quick update.
  2. You're looking for a fun date activity to do with the person you love!
  3. You’ve got some challenging kids and are worried about investing in a full length session.
  4. You’ve never had a portrait session with me before and are looking to give me a shot!
  5. You and a couple of friends want some Insta-worthy shots of your friendship.
  6. You’ve been warned that kids grow up fast but wow! let’s get some photos quick before they change again!!!
  7. You want the premium Nicole Sandercock Photography quality but are looking for something simple.
  8. You’ve been hoping to work with me but a full session is just outside the budget right now.

For all of these reasons and more, I’ve created mini sessions as a great alternative for my clients. With weddings taking over most of my weekends, this can be a great way to squeeze in a portrait session with me.

Onto the details.

woman in a red dress and hat standing in a field
My first mini session will be the Open Field mini on Friday April 9th in Marietta, GA.

This will be a 15 minute session with 10 digital images for $175. There are 4 slots available from 4pm-5pm. This is at one of my favorite locations to shoot at! There are wide open fields, tall grass, and plenty of privacy. To sign up for a slot, fill out the form below. If there is enough interest, I will open this one to a few more slots.

greenhouse at prospect farms

My second mini will be held Saturday, April 10th in Lawrenceville, GA at the greenhouse at Prospect Farms.

This will be a 15 minute session with 10 digital images for $190. There are 8 slots available from 4-6pm. I'm really excited to shoot at this gorgeous set - this is perfect for literally anyone and all size groups. You can grab a spot through the form below. Once the slots are filled on this one, there won't be more, so don't wait!!

Fill out my online form.

What happens next?

After filling out the form, you will be contacted by me with your contract and invoice. The invoice needs to be paid in full and the contract signed and returned electronically to me in order to consider your spot reserved. You have 48 hours to pay the invoice from the time of receiving it before your spot is passed to someone on the waiting list. When I have received your payment and contract, I'll send you an email with more information - such as a client experience guide and when you'll hear from me next!

If you have any questions or issues filling out the form, send me an email at Can't wait to see you in April!